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Diced Tomatoes (to freeze or can)

  Diced Tomatoes (to freeze or can) It's August and my garden is overflowing. As always, I have more tomatoes and zucchini than we can eat fresh. Luckily, diced tomatoes freeze well and are a staple in many of our ….

Red Red

  Red Red Red Red (African stewed black eyed peas) is one of my favorite meals to make.  It hits on all points – itsinexpensive, its healthy, its easy, and it is delicious.  Seriously.  I can't do justice to the ….

Caesar Salad

  Caesar Salad This simple salad will always have a spot on our table. It's one of the first that my toddler girl learned to make and one of the few veggies she actually enjoys. She loves mixing up the ….

Creamed Corn

  Creamed Corn A dear friend gave me this recipe years ago and it is always a huge hit. If you are used to the canned stuff, you're in for a delicious surprise. Prep Time 25 minutes Cook Time 20 ….

BBQ Dry Rub

  BBQ Dry Rub Spring is here and that means one thing – it's time for outdoor parties.  Where I come from, that means making sure the grill is ready to fire up and I have all the ingredients on ….