About While It’s Cooking

While It's Cooking

I get it.  You’re busy.

You have a job (whether it is working for someone else, running a business, or managing your home and family).  And you have a home  to run.  Meals to cook.  Cleaning to do.  Projects to do.  Hopefully, somewhere in there you find a little time to take care of your own needs. Keeping track of it all can feel impossible.  If you’re like me, you have a time during the day where you figure these things out while trying to get something else done.  Maybe it’s while you fold laundry or take a shower.  Maybe it’s after the kids go to bed.  For me, it’s after dinner is in the oven and while it’s cooking.


This website is here to help figuring all those things out (and keeping track of them) just a little easier.

After you register and login, you will have access to all the features While It’s Cooking has to offer.

Upload your favorite recipes and #homehacks so they are all in one place.  Browse through the ones others have shared when you want to try something new.

Save your favorite recipes and ideas to your recipe box collections.

Create meal plans from your recipe box.  Then create shopping lists from your meal plans.

We are a community and we are growing.  The website will grow with you.  If  you have an idea you’d like to see or a new category you think should be added, contact me and let me know.  My goal is to make this site a place to build a community of friends and support.



Food connects us in a way nothing else does. When we take time to learn about the food traditions and cuisines of those around us, we are given a rare insight into each other.